Saturday, 8 September 2012

Walking the road

A path well-trodden
Stone with footsteps worn
Journeys shared
With those before
Those now
And others yet to come

A path well-trodden
Yet a road walked only once
Journeys converging
Criss-crossing, parting
In solitude together
Carving a way yet to come

A path well-trodden
Where nothing but everything is new
Journeys of discovery
Through tangled undergrowth
And rocky trails
Of adventures yet to come

A path well-trodden
To live, to laugh, to love
Journeys calling
The whisper
Of faith
In the unknown yet to come

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A room with a view

And so we have arrived, in Corrymeela on the North Coast of County Antrim, our home for the next year.

Somewhat to our surprise, the weather since our arrival in Corrymeela has been remarkably good: with blue skies and sunshine – albeit with a chilly breeze to keep us on the move when outdoors. Sadly, I didn’t take the camera on Tuesday when we went paddling in the sea, so there is no evidence that we braved the waves, you’ll just have to believe me! 

However, with more sunshine yesterday, another walk, past the beach to the local town of Ballycastle, offered the opportunity for a few photos showing off our stunning surroundings.

Meanwhile, with the bags unpacked, and a variety of silly games to get to know our fellow team members, Corrymeela itself is beginning to feel like home; and Coventry House, home to the twelve one year volunteers as well as a motley collection of others, looks like being a slightly chaotic, hectic and loud place, but a very happy home for the next twelve months.